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Our Traditonal Martial Art Starts and Finishes with Good Manners

We strictly adhere to the highest standards. All promotions are earned not given

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    About the Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation

    The primary purpose of the Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation is to deliver the benefits of a healthy lifestyle supported by both internal (benefiting organic health) and external (benefiting muscular and skeletal health) combat orientated exercises and Martial Way (Moo Do) ethics to all of its Members. Moo Do ethics aid character development and focus on honour, integrity and good actions.

    Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation practices a curriculum that is in keeping with Great Grand Master Hwang Kee's (the Founder of Tang Soo Do) fully developed Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. The Founder's technical and philosophical developments continued until his passing in 2002.

    By encapsulating the 'Moo Do spirit' our Federation emblem says more about us than this page ever could; 'Neh Gong Weh Yu' meaning strong on the inside - calm on the outside.

    Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation Charter

    Our charter requires all Members to commit to the practice and perpetuation of the Martial Art known as Tang Soo Do as practiced by the Saeghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation reflecting its unique curriculum, lineage, aspirations and delivery methods.

    Mission Statement

    The Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation exists for the enrichment of its Members and the development of Tang Soo Do.

    The Federation will achieve these goals through;

    • The enhancing of members life experiences with the implementation of a confident, healthy and secure lifestyle achieved through the practice of Weh-gong, Neh-gong, Shim-gong and Chi-gong combat orientated movements and mental discipline.
    • The growth and development of Tang Soo Do with an ongoing programme of curriculum reappraisal which will ensure best practice for Members of all ages.

    As time progresses our goals and mission statement may develop but our charter will remain the same. The charter is our founding purpose, our reason for being.