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Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation Instructors

All Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation Regional Instructors have received Dan (Black Belt) certification from the Founder of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan; Great Grand Master Hwang Kee. All Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation Regional Instructors have received Master rank certification (4th Dan and or above) and SaBom certification.

We do not state this in the belief that these qualifications make us better than anyone else. We simply states these facts so that we can share our unique lineage with you. It is our unique lineage that lead to the creation of the Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation's age appropriate system of Tang Soo Do education.

Region 1 Instructors




SaBomNim, Dove is the Regional Instructor for Region 1 of the Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation. Master Dove first tasted Martial Arts as a boy in Southsea studying Wado Ryu between 1972 and 1974. Relocation to the Midlands forced a break in his training that was resumed in 1982 since when his active involvement has grown into a career. Master Dove opened his first Tang Soo Do school in Kenilworth in 1992. He sites the refinements seen in the later development of the art for his continued fascination with Tang Soo Do and as playing a decisive role in the long term health benefits derived from regular practice.




KyoSa Chovancova is the KyoSa for Region 1. She delivers her stand alone classes from her background as both an experienced Martial Artist and being an accomplished tournament competitor in Europe as well as the UK. Miss Chovancova holds the Tang Soo Do rank of E Dan (2nd Degree Black-belt) having been awarded KyoSa status in 2011. She also has the benefit of ten years experience in GoJo Ryu. That wealth of experience makes her ideally placed to support new students in their search for Tang Soo Do excellence.


Ms O'Mahoney

mr tuffin



Mr Tuffin

Region 2 Instructors




SaBom Adam Preston
Regional Instructor for Region 2

Master Preston first got involved in Martial Arts at the age of 7 in Manchester. His Tang Soo Do journey has included demonstrations in Europe, a cross-styles demonstration in China, and KoDanJa (4th Dan and above) training in the USA. He opened his first Tang Soo Do class in Milton Keynes in 2008 and enjoys sharing knowledge and actively training with his students. Master Preston is currently a school teacher of Mathematics with the additional responsibility of subject leader. He looks to share the core principles and philosophies he has learnt through his experiences with his students; allowing them to grow as they learn how to make a positive contribution to today’s society.

rakesh mistry




Rakesh Mistry

The Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation (Technical Advisory Committee).



mr hewings



Mr Hewings Federation Historian




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