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Our traditional family classes also support mature practitioners and those with physical challenges through the use of our Federation's unique Tang Soo Chi Gong forms and Ji Pang E walking cane material. Here are five excellent reasons to join our programme today;

Weight Loss and Body Condition

You will burn hundreds of calories during a one hour Tang Soo Do class, coupled with which you will build muscle and increase your metabolism. Stress Management is a very welcome by-product of our physical activities.

Build a Positive Mental Attitude

Our programmes are positive and inspirational. Our curriculum maintains your motivation to reach and maintain your goals by continually offering you a new skill level to work towards. After engaging in our programme for a few months our Members tell us that they learn to actively look for the next challenge. This positive mental attitude can transfer to all areas of our lives.

Improve your General Health

The activity levels gained through regular class attendance will ensure that your cardiovascular health will improve. Your breathing will improve as will your day time energy levels and your sleep pattern.
Did you know that when people become more fit their natural pain threshold increases ?

Self Confidence

After a period of training and rank advancement students’ confidence grows through recognition of their personal achievement. They acquire a – “I can do it because I have done it before” attitude as their Instructor guides them through our clearly defined curriculum along clearly defined time lines.
Our ultimate goal is positive character development.

Self Defense

Your Instructor will share self defense scenarios that will be repeated in order for you to gain speed, timing and distancing skills. On-going repetition of those scenarios will bring about the skill of ‘subconscious reaction’ which, in turn will lead to powerful defensive reactions without the need for forethought.
You can start to benefit from some of these changes from your very first class. All you need to begin with is the desire to succeed and the courage to work hard.

Register your interest online today via the form above and a Professional Instructor will call to offer further information and book your free induction class.