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Master Certification

Excellent news to round out an otherwise difficult year. Saturday 12th December 2020 saw the certification of two new Masters within the Saenghwal Hohup Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation. Congratulations to Master Chovancova and Master O’Mahoney, your many years of hard and determined work are an inspiration to us all. The new Masters each bring […]

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Important Training Announcement

Although we await final confirmation this morning we have been told that classes can resume at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre, Rugby, under the following conditions; that only the under 18s are participating in active classes supported by adult Instructors. In other words, the over 18s at class must be present as Instructors only. […]

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Dan Day 2020

It is with immense pride, and not a little satisfaction, that I am able to congratulate our October 2020 Dan assessment cohort on obtaining Cho, E, Sam and Sah Dan rank progress. A special word also to our two SaBom candidates for doing such a flawlessly well organised job in delivering the YuDan assessments and […]

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Class Reopening Information!

Classes have reopened at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre in Rugby at new times;    Wednesdays 8 – 9 pm Family Class.   Fridays 7 – 7.45 pm Tang Soo Do Tigers class. 7 – 8 pm Family class below red belt. 8 – 9 pm Family class Red belt and Dan grade. We […]

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Olivia’s Progress!

Anyone that knows Olivia, knows how much she struggles with her confidence, she has had more than her fair share of knock downs in her little life. But Tang Soo Do has been the one thing I have pushed her at. And here is the reason, I’ve seen her confidence grow weekly, I’ve seen her […]

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